Hey there!

Thank you for dropping by my humble space in the digital world. My name is Regina, and I’m really excited to share with you on my thoughts towards my range of interest in fashion and beauty, food, lifestyle, marketing, spiritual and travel. You can expect to read up on all sorts of trending topics and subjects in my blog.

I’ve graduated with a BA (Hons) Business with Economics from Sheffield Hallam University and Master in Business Administration from University of Malaya. I am a digital marketer and content writer. I also enjoy public presentations, music, playing the piano and cello, and working out in the gym. In addition, I like research, because it gives me a sense of joy and accomplishment whenever I discover new knowledge or things.

I aspire to do many things in life: I want to be a diligent grand-daughter and daughter. I want to be an accountable employee. I want to be a trustworthy and helpful friend. I want to be a successful educator. And the list goes on. Most importantly, I am blessed to be a child of God and I devote my life to love Him, love people, love animals and love the environment.

“The greatest thing in life is to love and to be loved”

Well, I guess you’ll get to know me better by reading this blog. I hope you’ll enjoy reading and learning from this site as much as I do. Please feel free to say hi or even share your thoughts/ knowledge/ experience with me. I would greatly appreciate that.

At the end of the day, life is all about learning in progress – and that’s what makes life a beautiful and exciting adventure.